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English I End-of-Course Exam Differences Between Emergent Bilingual Boys and Emergent Bilingual Girl

Updated: Feb 19

by Clare Resilla and John R. Slate

Sam Houston State University


In this investigation, the researchers examined how Emergent Bilingual boys and Emergent Bilingual girls differed in their reading college readiness. They analyzed data from the Texas state-mandated English I End-of-Course exam for two consecutive school years (i.e., 2017-2018 and 2018-2019) before the Covid pandemic. On the three grade level standards of Approaches Grade Level, Meets Grade Level, and Masters Grade Level, statistically significantly lower percentages of Emergent Bilingual boys met each of the three grade level standards than did Emergent Bilingual girls. Of importance were the extremely low percentages of both Emergent Bilingual boys and Emergent Bilingual girls who met the Meets and Masters Grade Level standards. Neither group of Emergent Bilingual students had sufficient reading college readiness skills to be successful in a postsecondary setting.

Keywords: Emergent Bilingual, English I End-of-Course, Texas, boys, girls


Kōrero Sept Pub_ Emergent Bilingual English I boys to EB Girls.docx
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